Wild Finch Seed Blend - 5lb / 10lb

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Wild Finch Seed Blend - 5lb / 10lb

Wild Finch Seed Blend - 5lb / 10lb

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Size 5lb

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As the name suggests, this blend is specifically for finches. Containing canary seed, canola seed, and Nyjer seed, this is perfect for the small bundles of feathers. With such a tiny snack size, this seed blend is able to allow free-flow in the small portholes of all finch feeders. 

The Wild Finch blend is a must have for any finch feeding Birder. The nice thing about this seed blend, although it is specifically designed for finches of all colours, shapes, and sizes, it also attracts some other bird watcher favourites. What's more, any seed that falls to the ground, will be eaten by our ground feeding friends.

Who likes Wild Finch blend besides finches...

  • Buntings
  • Chickadees
  • Mourning Doves
  • Juncos
  • Sparrows

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