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Bird Feeder Cleaning

By Birders Bird Supply on May 17, 2023

A dirty bird feeder is not only an eyesore but also extremely dangerous for our feathery friends. The perfect place for bacteria, mould, and other harmful diseases to grow and flourish. If our bird friends e...

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What feeder is best to get for my seed? How do I know the birds will come to it?

By Birders Bird Supply on Apr 17, 2023

Although there are so many different types of feeders, the little guide will help you decide what is best for you and your feathery friends.

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Bird Seed 101

By Birders Bird Supply on Mar 01, 2023

With so many different options, it is nearly impossible to narrow down what bird feed is best for your backyard birds. It can be overwhelming and tedious to try to research what seed option is going to be a hit in your feeders. We've put together a guide that will hopefully help you narrow down your options, and give you some insight on what to lookout for when buying your feathered friends a snack.

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