Steel Cut Corn - 10lb

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Steel Cut Corn - 10lb

Steel Cut Corn - 10lb

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Often overlooked or dismissed as an inferior birdseed filler, corn is an actually a great option for birds! Cut Corn is especially easy for birds of all shapes and sizes to eat, with the varying sizes of corn kernels. Being rich in both protein and fibre, it is an excellent ulterior option for Birders to use in feeders. 


Many of our ground-feeding feathery friends like cut corn, so anything falling off of the feeder or sprinkled on the ground is going to be eaten. Large tray feeders are perfect for this particular snack, giving plenty of room for a lot of different kinds of birds to eat. Scattering some by low, well covered bushes will help the more secretive two-legged species like quail or towhees to eat as well.

This is also a much loved treat among other wildlife. Just like with peanuts, a separate feeder or feeding area is ideal to deter deer, squirrels, chipmunks, and racoons from your bird feeders. It can also be used to distract bigger birds, such as cardinals, from eating all your Nyjer seed!

Although a lot of birds will eat Cut Corn, some flock...

  • Mourning Doves
  • Common Grackles
  • White Throated Sparrows
  • Blue Jays
  • Red Winged Blackbirds

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