Peanut Halves - 5lb / 10lb / 20lb

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Peanut Halves - 5lb / 10lb / 20lb

Peanut Halves - 5lb / 10lb / 20lb

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Being a good source of protein and fats, Peanuts are a great calorie booster for birds. Because of their high fat and protein content, these are the perfect snack to have in a mesh feeder for the winter months.

Peanut halves make snacking on this treat easier for your backyard birds, as they can just grab-and-go without having to worry about breaking a shell off. Our feathered friends often tuck these nutritious snack away for another day, allowing them to have something close by. 

Peanuts attract birds of all shapes and sizes! The bigger birds are able to take the halves and the smaller birds may take and crack them into smaller chunks for easy consumption. Whatever falls below your feeder is bound to be eaten by the ground-feeding birds.

Mesh feeders or ones with larger holes are ideal for housing your Peanut Halves, making crunching and munching on these tasty treats an easy feat. 

Some Peanut gobblers you may see...

  • Blue Jays
  • Red-Bellied Woodpeckers
  • Mourning Doves
  • Cardinals
  • House Sparrows

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