NiChip Seed Blend - 10lb

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NiChip Seed Blend - 10lb

NiChip Seed Blend - 10lb

$47.99 CAD Sale Save

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It's no surprise that this backyard blend is a hit among many birds. A simple combination of Nyjer and Hulled sunflower seeds, it's rich and tasty and bound to be gone from Birders feeders quickly. 

Being a non-GMO blend, NiChip is perfect to attach any small birds. Best fed through a tube feeder, keep a look out for "Finch Feeders" in particular, or a thistle sock; the tiny bits will be devoured. A helpful tip to keep this blend lasting a bit longer: have a separate feeder with a different type of seed in it, to try and deter our bigger, heartier eating feathery friends. 

Who's bound to eat NiChip...

  • White Crowned and White Throated Sparrows
  • Common Redpolls
  • House Finches and American Goldfinches
  • Pine Siskins
  • Juncos
  • Buntings

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